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Cloud Native | Artificial Intelligence | Cyber Security

We provide competitive products and solutions to meet your business challenges and meet market needs. Our expertise propels your business success, igniting innovation in Cloud Native, AI and Cyber Security, and deriving best value from open source!

Industry Awarded

Acclaimed and certified team with rich technology  & open source expertise to give you the best in class solutions!

Products & Solutions

Innovative and competitive products and solutions for your business success!

Research & Open Source

Technology & Open Source research to harness the best value and faster deployments!

Our Vision

Cloud Native

Cloud Native Multicloud products and solutions for

  • Deep Cost Analysis
  • Observability
  • Deployment Monitoring
  • AI-based Inferences
  • Intelligent chatbots for custom data and more,

to meet your current and future business requirements

Cloud Native Cost Sense is one of our top products, which provides all you need to manage your budget efficiently for Cloud Native deployments (Hybrid, Cloud or On-premise):

  • Granular Cost insights
  • Smart Saving Recommendations
  • Cost Anomaly and Trends
  • Budget Prediction/Forecasting
  • AI Assistant (quick inferences)
  • Intuitive and Unlimited Visualization

Artificial Intelligence

We research the latest advancements in the AI domain.

  • Traditional AI models
  • Generative AI / LLM / SLM / GPT
  • Custom AI Models
  • Local Hosting of AI Models
  • Running AI Models on CPU

to build intelligent products and solutions with high security, accuracy and cost efficiency in some of the following areas:

  • Data Analytics
  • AI-driven automation
  • Social Media Insights (from image, video and text)
  • AI Copilots
  • Cost AI (Anomaly, Trends and Forecasting)

Cyber Security

Security assessment and certification are essential for any product today. We have our products and solutions focusing on

  • Penetration testing
  • Assessments & Compliance
  • AI-based security
  • Access and Log Analysis
  • Security Tuning

Our current product research includes AI driven cloud native security hardening. Some of the areas in our roadmaps:

  • AI-based Kubernetes Security hardening
  • Open Source VAT and
  • AI PenTest Tool Kit
  • Code Scan and SCA (Software Composition Analysis)

Our goal is to build products that provide stronger and sustainable security efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Open Source

Open Source is in our core DNA! Our team comes with a vast experience of incubating new open source initiatives through communities, foundations and projects and expertise in productization of open source projects. We continue to collaborate with open source to harness the best value!

We are focusing on open source strategy, research, knowledge management, community ecosystem, productization, tools, licensing, and practices to derive maximum business value. We believe open source is one of the power ways for technology research to build future ready products and solutions.

Competent Team

The core team comes with 150+ years of research and product development experience with top multinational companies playing key leadership roles. 

We have industry-awarded and certified experts with rich technology and open source expertise who can provide best in class products and solutions. Their roles and collaboration with Linux Foundation, CNCF, IEEE, ACM, SODA Foundation, CCICI, Academia and more make them stay current on industry trends and demands. They have multiple patents, research papers, and international conference talks in their credit.


Industry and Open Source collaborations are vital to build successful business ecosystem. We believe in mutual value based engagements. Our team has been collaborating with industry and open source organizations like IEEE, Linux Foundation, SODA Foundation, CNCF, CCICI, ACM, Various Acadmic Instituions and also corporate organizations. 

We work with our clients and partners closely & ready to go extra mile to achieve the best value. Always happy to build a new engagement! Please connect with us!