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Cloud Native | AI/ML | Observability | Multicloud | Edge Computing | Cyber Security | Open Source | and more…

We are with you in creating modern, competitive solutions, and transforming existing ones. Our expertise propels your business success, igniting innovation through open source and cloud technologies.

Open Source

We work with you to adopt open source for products and engineering practices. Let’s harness the best value from open source!


We provide products, solutions, services, and expert consultancy for your business requirements of digital transformation


We conduct academic and corporate training and mentoring to enhance the competency and skills for technology, engineering, and open source.

Our Vision

To build innovative software solutions and products with high business value and social impact by leveraging global expertise from a value-based ecosystem of open source, vendors, partners, users and developers

To be a catalyst for global competency in open source and technology

Connect, collaborate and build a value-based ecosystem that brings efficient and competitive solutions to customers.
Play a pivotal role in such an ecosystem and drive innovative products, services and competency.

Our Offerings

How can we help you?

Open Source | Cloud Native | Multicloud | AI/ML | Observability | Cyber Security | Edge Computing | Data Management | Blockchain | Embedded | Linux and more..


We build innovative products and tools to enable modernization and digital transformation. We can provide you with pluggable modules to better compete in the market.


We provide project development and maintenance support through our internal and partners’ expertise. We own and lead till your product deployment and beyond.

Open Source

We can help you to get the best business value from open source. We can help in strategy, open source practices, innersource, ecosystem building and more


Provide expert consultancy for your products, projects and practices to enhance profitability, performance, and competency. We enable you to reduce the cost and time to market.


Industry and technology research for you to support your technology roadmap by providing global trends analysis, survey reports, and product and open-source insights.


We provide technology, software engineering, and open-source coaching to take your team skills to the next level to enable them to be more efficient and competent.

Who We Are

Real products and ecosystems from Zero!

Introducing our core team, a group of accomplished professionals with extensive experience in product and ecosystem development within multinational companies. Our team has successfully navigated every step of the process, from pre-research to concept development, chartering, execution, and product deployment.

We have a proven track record of incubating open source projects and fostering vibrant communities. Our members have received prestigious awards and certifications, published research papers, and hold multiple patents.

Additionally, our team members actively participate in esteemed organizations such as the Linux Foundation, CNCF, SODA Foundation, CCICI, and IEEE. They contribute to Technical Oversight Committees, Program Committees, Governing Boards, Advisory Boards, Event Organization, and more.

Beyond their organizational involvement, our team has delivered keynote speeches and technical sessions at international conferences, sharing their insights with a wide audience. They possess strong leadership skills, having built open source foundations, project communities, meetup groups, and spearheaded new course deployments. Their collaborative efforts with developers, students, and academia have further enriched their leadership experience.

Core Team


Industry awarded and certified core team with over 50 years of product development expertise

Sanil Kumar D

Sanil Kumar D

Founder, CEO & Director

Business & Technology

Sushantha Kumar

Sushantha Kumar

Co-Founder, CTO & Director

Services & Training

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

Co-Founder, CTO & Director

Products & Solutions

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